Terry Starr

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Terry Starr
Music Styles :
Club Anthems (House)

Young prodigy Terry Starr is considered today to be a veritable architect of sound, which is his passion since his childhood. At the tender age of 3, this young native of Joliette threw himself into to the sounds of Metallica and AC/DC, paying particular attention to the percussions.
He would apply himself more seriously at age 8, taking his first music class. Two months later, this young virtuoso offered his first concert interpreting the immensely successful "Yesterday" from the legendary British group The Beatles. Hence the name from his favorite member of the band, Ringo Starr.

Self-taught, Terry would learn the rudimentary skills of the guitar exploring Blues, Rock and Metal that would send him softly toward acoustic and eventually Pop. Determined, Terry would pass countless hours perfecting his art and found himself at age 14 in two musical groups.

Following a path that was destined for him, Terry would begin to write and compose his own songs at age 15. This experience combined with the purchase of his first keyboard would permit him perfect his training, which would become essential for he would begin producing his own music. This paid off, because in his first productions and remixes the young artist chose his instruments with much care. His music is filled with emotions that will take you away on a musical journey.

At 17, Terry posses his own studio, offering some collaborations with friends, particularly rappers. His talent and determination also gave him the chance to conceptualize the sound for Oasys, in June 2013. Also in the same year that this young artist pushes himself toward the universe of Pop and electronic music.

As if in a fairytale, Terry approached manager Sylvain Lachapelle, one month shy of his 18th birthday. Picked by curiosity but summoned by the fact that he had just found a diamond in the rough, president of La Chapelle Records asked for a demo of his work. It was love at first sound !
Used to building and creating new artists, Sylvain (which Terry nicknamed Sly Chapel), confirmed the signing of DJ/musician/producer, seeing immediately a star of the future. After many fruitful collaborations (with his Bootleg piece Wrecking Ball, from Miley Cyrus), Terry Starr signs an impressionable contract with La Chapelle Records in Janvier 2014, becoming artist of this record company for the next decade !

It begins well for this young artist now based in Montreal, recently charming DJ/producer MC Mario, who makes place for him occasionally at the famous club Le Cinq, in downtown Montréal.

Management & Booking : Groupe La Chapelle info@lachapellerecords.com