Kevin TheKid

Kevin TheKid
Kevin TheKid
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Kevin '' Kev '' Thekid

With a passion for music at a very young age, TheKid started playing the drums at 6. Were advancing over the years, Kevin discovered more different musical styles.

It was not until 2008 that Kevin saw for the first time a DJ doing a live performance. The music that the artist was mixing went to fetch him to the heart. He had chills! A few years later, he decided to buy a console to try to understand the art of '' Dj'ing''

During the organization of nightlife events, TheKid was able to meet great DJs! Miss Shelton and Dj Skittel'zz. He was impressed and he grabbed the bite of Dj'ing!

Kev had the chance to meet Soundman, a legend of the Montreal scene, residing in Laboom Club. Soundman accepted giving a course to kevin of the art of the business. Not just the art of mixing, but the psycologic effect of a club. How to manage a vibe, how to read a crowd. Of course, he has learned that 4% of Soundman knowledge, but the beginner will study with his teacher again and again!

Today, Kevin TheKid is doing private events, but also doing openings when he have a chance. He's trying to go regularly with Soundman at Club Laboom to learn more, in a live performance!

Thank you to those who support me! Without you, my Dj friends, I would not have this passion for music and Dj'ing!