Fabien Shinobi

Fabien Shinobi
Fabien Shinobi
Resident DJ
Music Styles :
Tech House


Incredibly talented 25 years old ''DJ/Producer'', FABIEN SHINOBI has been on the MONTREAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC SCENE Since Over a Decade. 

Even while UNDERAGE, he had played in some of Montreal's finest CLUBS, such as: STEREO BAR, CIRCUS AFTERHOURS, BEACHCLUB AND MANY MORE.

FABIEN SHINOBI quickly started acquiring FANS across CANADA, FRANCE, VIETNAM, JAPAN & HONG KONG. Partygoers fell in love with his DEEP, SEXY, TRIBALISH WORLD BEATS.After spending 4 years in the studio developing his sound, he is finally beginning to be satisfied of his work and is now ready to take it a step further.

With over 30 Finished Musical Projects in his assets, SHINOBI SIGNED On many Labels such as: PUNKY RECORDS , YELLOWJAXX RECORDINGS & ULYSSE RECORDS, MUR Records.


FABIEN SHINOBI is definitely an artist we aren't done hearing from, so keep an ear out!