About DJsTOP10

DJsTOP10 is the best music reference website. With DJsTOP10 you don't have to waste your time searching for your music. This tools will help you find your new tracks in just a few seconds. 

Promote yourself in a viral environement. Share your work and productions, make them grow with your popularity! The professional tools provided by DJsTOP10 will replace the need of having a personal web site. They are tools built exactly for DJs and producers.

A little history ... 

In 1997, we were a small group of DJs talking together about the music we were playing in clubs. Because we were working every nights, it wasn’t possible to go out see others and ear what songs was playing in other clubs, so we created our "TOP10 script":

The idea was basic: Every week, each DJ were updating their 10 best reacting songs in a text file with their DJ name and club they played in on the top of the file. The DJ had to request all the TOP10s on the channel and the script would then send the updated TOP10s to the user. 

In 2000 we create a similar script on our channel's website and began to use the website because of the popularity of the internet and the visibility was larger. Some of us became very popular with that system and it became a powerful tool to buy the good tracks at the record store and to popularize ourselves.

It became the best music reference.

We are now back and better than ever. With a new interface, new powerful tools, new patents, new vision, new ideas, new team. We are Djs, we are producers, we are record labels owners, we are nightlcub managers, we are developpers, we are leaders but we are mainly music lovers working in the music's and nightlife industry.

FAQ: Why don't you have your own DJsTOP10 music player?

- Youtube is awesome, Really! It's a fast player enabling awesome graphics to add visual to the music you are listening. Also, Records labels are working very hard to filter internet about what they want to censure or control, and by using Youtube, that task is done only once. Best of it; Youtube pays Royalties to the labels and artist. That means that each time you are listening to our TOP10s, artists and labels have more views, more popularity and more money. We are considering having our own player soon, but for now Youtube's player is awesome!